Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Structural CLA verilog 4bit module with expanded terms

Carry Look Ahead adders are amazing, unfortunately they are a pain to design... here is a module I use quite often.

//cla module 4 bit
module cla(
output p_up, g_up,
output [3:0] cout, // assumed [3:1] was typo becuase it made design less elegant
input [3:0] p, g,
input cin);

//assign p_up = &(p);
and #1 (p_up, p);
wire p3g2, p3p2g1, p3p2p1g0, p3p2p1p0cin;

and #1(p3g2,p[3],g[2]);
and #1(p3p2g1,p[3],p[2],g[1]);
and #1(p3p2p1g0,p[3],p[2],p[1],g[0]);

and #1(p3p2p1p0cin,p[3],p[2],p[1],p[0],cin);

//assign g_up = g[3] | p[3]&g[2] | p[3]&p[2]&g[1] | p[3]&p[2]&p[1]&g[0];
or #1 (g_up,g[3],p3g2,p3p2g1,p3p2p1g0);

//assign cout[3] = g[3] | p[3]&g[2] | p[3]&p[2]&g[1] | p[3]&p[2]&p[1]&g[0] | p[3]&p[2]&p[1]&p[0]&cin;
or #1(cout[3],g[3],p3g2,p3p2g1,p3p2p1g0,p3p2p1p0cin);

wire p2g1,p2p1g0,p2p1p0cin,p1g0,p1p0cin,p0cin;

and #1(p2g1,p[2],g[1]);
and #1(p2p1g0,p[2],p[1],g[0]);
and #1(p2p1p0cin,p[2],p[1],p[0],cin);
and #1(p1g0,p[1],g[0]);
and #1(p1p0cin,p[1],p[0],cin);
and #1(p0cin,p[0],cin);

//assign cout[2] = g[2] | p[2]&g[1] | p[2]&p[1]&g[0] | p[2]&p[1]&p[0]&cin;
or #1(cout[2], g[2],p2g1,p2p1g0,p2p1p0cin);

//assign cout[1] = g[1] | p[1]&g[0] | p[1]&p[0]&cin;
or #1(cout[1],g[1],p1g0,p1p0cin);

//assign cout[0] = g[0] | p[0]&cin;
or #1(cout[0],g[0],p0cin);

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Unknown said...

Thanks! I've written this before, but lost my code, and I was SO not looking forward to keying it in again! You've saved me a major pain!